Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/09/13

Gm everyone …first off do not forget we have the chart bast today Wednesday at 12noon and going forward being back on track for the rest of the year as usual on Tuesdays at 12 noon Register here


We may get a litle rebound here we touch lot of important sell zones support but depending on the situation on Washington that may be sold on the top sell zones or bottom caution zones. I would look at stocks specific that you like and want a reentry point for instance facebook 40-45 seems ok for me – AAPL if can hold the 470-480 longs below game over. Also Google is reaching between 434-447 oversold levels so my traders shorts be careful on this. If they pass something the squeeze and rebound relief rally will be violent dependent on how bad the dragging of the debt ceiling. ALSO EARNING SEASONS BE VERY CAREFUL on your spreads will explain at the live events the VOLATILITY that can kill you on your spreads if not understood properly.


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