Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/10/13

GM Everyone please see this Video I sent yesterday AM about taking action on FB- GOOG and ES48.  All was there now 1670-1675 area will be a big problem and possible retracement the key now is can the market sustain HIGHER LOWS.


*AAPL still looking good always kep my 470-482 support.

*Keep and eye on FB so long it hols 41-46 the stock is still a long

*Goog got slammed so long it holds848-851 area could be a decent rebound

Overall market be very careful I EXPECT MORE PING PONG. Many indices are coming to test top of sell zones to low and TOP of caution zones were they could reject THE KEY FOR ME NOW IS DO WE DO HIGHER LOWS as DC is trying to come to a resolution.

10-10-2013 7-29-15 AM

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