Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/08/13

GM everyone. Same Tight range if the ES stays above 1666-1670 we are back in the caution zones ping pong to 1675-1682.

The ZB bonds are not moving for the past couple of days that tells us that they still expect a resolution. The charts are looking worst and worst for longs but this can turn on a dime so best for me is play SPY options very small 2-5 contracts and individual stocks Like AAPL so long AAPL holds the 471.5-481 longs in command below would be bearish.

Goog  NO longs till prices clearly close above 876-879 area and even the 890.

Spy KEY SUPER KEY number is 167.5. ES watch the Zones below 1666 to the 1659-1651 area.

Here best to is to close cash every night or way out of the money time decay strategies. CASH IS KING WHEN THE MOVE WILL HAPPEN AND INTRA NIGHTS ARE DANGEROUS HERE TILL WASHINGTON get their stuff together .

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