Emini Trading – Oil Trading – Forex Trading – Weekly Analysis 05/03 using Day Trading Tools

Video market analysis for the week using our Day Trading Tools for Emini trading, oil trading and Euro Forex trading, pin-pointing key levels for support and resistance trading and trend

QM Oil trading – for experienced traders this is a good market to trade. This week’s range has been 10/11 to 14. now as long as we stay below 11 the short trade target is 8. If we hold the 11 then long trade target to the 14.
Dow – Previously we said if the dow crossed back up the 122 support level, then look for a long trade to the 13000 area and in the last 2 videos we were looking for the 125 support level to hold for a continuation of the long trade. now we are again looking for the 126 area to hold for long trades again to that 13000 target. You can use these charts in synergy with your emini trading charts.
SPY – another good chart to look at to use in synergy with your emini trading charts. We had a red arrow switch to green arrow with blue dots continuation for the long move. Now we are looking for 134.5 support for the long trade continuation.
ES emini trading – We have had a cross-recross of a dash level, indicating a shift of momentum down. Now the key is to hold the 46 and 41 support levels and looking at them in synergy with the SPY and Dow chart key levels.
Euro Forex trading – We are currently in a dash to dash channel consolidation. If it breaks dash up at 49, we have a long trade 51 target. If it breaks down from 47, we have a short trade target at 44.

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