The Optimal Timeframe Combinations

This video explains how the 5 minute chart should only be used when the market is moving fast, otherwise you will get chopped up – using short timeframe charts for intraday trading is a common mistake, you must be aware of the bigger picture to successfully day trade. We recommend that you either use a combination of the daily chart as your “control panel” to see what the major trend is, and the 60 minute to manage your trade, or if you are fast trader who likes to be in the action all the time, use the 60 minute as you “control panel” and the 5 minute to manage your trades. For Intra-Day trading this maybe a difficult concept to grasp at first but when you study the power of the segment support/resistances and price patterns on the 60 minute chart live daily for the month of your guarantee it will make a huge difference to the amount of trades you take and your ratio of winning to loosing trades.

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