Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 7/31/13

Gm Everyone very tight market similar numbers as yesterday people waiting for reports ADP, FEDS, initial claims and unemployment report Friday be careful here wait for the trend below 83-77 on ES to confirm or above 1691 in between very tight and dangerous- Problem is volatility is low for spreads so long you get 33% of the width of the strike for credit spreads eg SPY 1 point wide go for 30-33cents min premium- Ideally you want to sell OTM 1 to 2 standard deviation out with higher volatility. AAPL continue the move up 445-451 would be a good retracement. NOTE ZB lines are not updating properly. YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS RELY ON THE IMAGE BELOW FIRST AND MAKE SURE THEY MATCH THE LINES if there is a discrepancy shoot us an email right away with subject kine: URGENT DTZ lines ISSUE at [email protected]. Our programmer is in vacation and will try to have the ZB fix by next Monday. ON ZB RELY ON THE IMAGE not the auto plotting tools. Same ES 1683 key and you saw yesterday and the day before they are trying to hold it the key will be the bonds ZB move on this. Google moving up this AM the 99 area key on google with 891 for a cross recross shift of momemtum #2 and #3 lower highs.

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