Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 1/31/14

Gm ES 1779 broke that is the line in the sand Resitance and support for a rebound for 1804. The market spoke so 1779 resistance.

Remember if you are NEW ALWAYS REFRESH ALL YOU DTZ LINES around 8/8:15am est sometimes before to get the latest ones- I was long SPY yesterday and made 2k on them kept one runner as you saw this runner is probably going bust this am and it is ok when you already booked 2k. I took some 495/505 apple debit spreads we were probably one/2 days too early so watch AAPL very carefully here at 485-495 support for a snap with the entire market next week toward 512. THE KEY IS DURATION AND SMALL SIZES AND ALWAYS HAVE CASH WHEN THE FLUSH IS DONE FOR A SNAP.

* GOOGLE is one to watch today for volatility crush OTM around the 1200-1190 area.

*Watch ES 1759-1741 support and BIG RESISTANCE 1774-1779

Best here if you are late trade small keep cash for a snap next week.

1-31-2014 8-00-21 AM

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