Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/28/13

GM everyone all eyes will be on AAPL at a level where the market starts to be extended. The key here is to stay in the trend and never fight the main trend and buy caution zones top or bottom or sell zones bottom retest on the indices.

AAPL will set the tone for a trick or treat move and this week is last week of October so if they move down for a pull back it will be this week depending on AAPL. The key is do not short or short small. AAPL is tricky now the 528 was my key target from last week if earning are bad back down all the way back to 475-492- 501 area if earning good AAPl could go 540-575. The key for me is that i was long since 420-440-460 and 474 watch all previous analysis at this point entering earnings with very small sizes APRIL debit 500-575 calls and also selling put spreads and call spreads today 2 standard deviations weekly or November or December for protection since volatility will at the highest today before earnings.
This week and reduce the cost basis of the AAPL longs but even if wrong I have 5 months of time and created a debit so will not be kill on small sizes 2-4 contracts…Happy with the previous week results attitude of gratitude is in order now.

Video coming before 8:30 …Software READY REFRESH OR IN OUT OF THE SOFTWARE est and image to use on TOS with Zones.
Remember everyone asked to move the chart blast on last week survey to Tuesday 4:15pm est sessions instead of 12 noon est I will redo a survey. register at the link below


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