Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/04/13

Gm everyone -thanks for the PCLN trade although it is not part of the 9 Markets we cover on the DTZ analysis I got it from my watch list and the full pro tool and wanted to share before PCLN dropped 30 points.  This market is still tight until Washington gets a resolution. October 17th seems to be the debt ceiling key date to watch people expect that to be extended. I do not like the DOW JONES till back above 15k round number.

CL 104.85 is SUPER KEY to resume downside toward 100.5

I try here to look at specific plays eg AAPL retracements 479 or see if Google will pass above 888-92 for potential longs.

We need to be stocks specific since the indices are stucks it is a good time to continue spreads with small position or step aside with cash the 1670-1666-1661 for the ES is critical.

Spy 167-166.5 critical too. If you had a great day yesterday be careful trade small or none here expect lots of sideways dangerous move in the indices if we hold this 1661-1666 -1670 to 1683 range on the ES watch if the market starts putting higher lows. If you Trade the indices be A SNIPER TRADE SHORT CLUSTER HIGH 60mn CHARTS W DTZONES AND CLUSTER LOWS BUYS 


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