Support and Resistance Levels – February 7th

Support and Resistance Levels

for Febuary 7th 2012 for Emini daytrading S&P500 and Euro Forex, Disney, GE, Microsoft using our trading tool and daytrading software.

In this video we show real accounts, good and bad trades taken from January, with reasons for entries using our support and resistance trading tool and trade set-ups which give us a greater than 50/50 trading edge. Disney is up 24% after a 33 entry based on a cluster break set-up at our major 31 support level, and is now at our 40 resistance level. GE 15.9 entry is up 20%. Microsoft is up 17% after a 25.9 entry with a cross-recross set-up at our daytrading software major support level at 25.5, followed by a cluster break set-up from our support and resistance sandwich at 25.50-26.50 to our major resistance level at 30.50. These trades all demonstrate the importance of being patient in trades and using segregated accounts so you don’t risk all your capital on just emini daytrading. BAC is up 44%.

Current Key Support and Resistance Levels

For the ES emini S&P500, and the Euro Forex which you can use for both longer term plays and daytrading strategies:
Emini Daytrading – If we hold the 1338 level, then we have a resistance level at 1372. If the 1338 level does not hold, we have a potential retracement to the 1287-1295 support level.
For the Euro Forex, the key support and resistance levels are 30.77/31.00 and 34.80

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