Emini Trading – Options Trading – Support and Resistance – Analysis July 10th 2012

Emini Trading – Options Trading

Support and Resistance Levels

The video below shows Support and Resistance levels for today and coming week for Emini trading S&P500 (ES) Nasdaq (NQ), Crude (CL) and SPY using our trading tool and daytrading software.

Using our support and resistance trading tool along with our trend direction and powerful retracement tools in this video we call key emini trading levels and other  markets which you can use for your position and intra day trading for the next week. There are ping-pong zones to be careful of which we need to break out of for Sell and Buy Zones. Using our day trading education our Probability Tool Users can also combine these support and resistance levels with our trade set-ups to take the guesswork and hence emotions out of their trading.

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