Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 12/20/13

Gm everyone same all grinding we need to make new highs asap be very careful of a quick retracement toward the 1797-1791 within the next few days ideally on ES we need a double top before it happens….to me NO TREND REVERSAL till below 1786 they may pull back but bulls in command so long we hold 1786-1780. Looking a weekly chart it is scary how far this market has gone up be careful over the next weeks that we end up being suckers into longs at top of a 5 year move.


**WATCH CL if stays above the top of the range 98.85 strong

**Watch for the 1.36 Euro rebound which I call yesterday I started taking a very small position on FXE 135-140 debit spreads call March 2014

** AAPLE GOT TO HOLD MY supports of 532-539 now …we took some spreads credit at 520-525 Jan 2014 and some took 525/530 above dangerous NOW AAPLE need to catch up otherwise the tape is telling us something especially with 556-560 big resistance now…

NOTE : We will be OFF NEXT WEEK it is time for EVERYONE TO UNPLUG I may be able to do the analysis Friday the 27th but count this as the only week of the year to STOP WATCHING and just use your phone to manage position or even BETTER NO POSITION BE FLAT GO ENJOY THIS CHRISTMAS -HOLIDAY WEEK……take care Marc


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