Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 12/18/13

GM everyone all eyes on the fed the gap down on AAPL proves my point December 10 Jan 15th very dangeorus they are killing traders here doing directional if you read all past day after day feedback I give from what I DO i said dangerous use OTM it is crucifix ranges…AAPL proves it this am and proves what I have done in it since the big profits and the webinar feedback i gave last night OTM credit spreads 535-540 i may be tested but not hurt that is the key in trading not getting hurt and maximizing profits on each trades not the number of trades.

BE VERY CAREFUL OF SPIKES AT THE 2pm FOMC anouncement they will kill you with stops loss best stay away till tomorrow or as always the best defense is small sizes especially in options. THE KEY TODAY IS ES 1760-1767 support must hold and resistance 1793-1799 in between dangerous use the rule of 1/3 to make sure the stats are in your side.

*** The market must make higher lows for longs now I would stay away and see what AAPL does around 540 it is the key area i talked about.
*** be careful google at 78 and 84 resistance. READ ALL POSTS since MONDAY and keepn an eye on the euro 1.37 area support.
AVOID the crude in this range read yesterday. SAFER WAIT THURSDAY AM TILL THE DUST SETTLES<>

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