Daily Market Analysis Blueprint 10/03/13

GM everyone….very tight few changes check carefully same ES resistance 1683.5-1688-1692 support 1676-1671 Very tight 17 points we need to get out of this for  a decent DIRECTIONAL TRADE continue playing cluster high cluster low small sizes.

My favorite is still and has been AAPLe called at 400-440-460 and this week 474 so long aaple holds 478-483 I still like it for longs. GOOGLE NO LONGS till above close 892.

SPY same tight as ES 167.70 area to 169.15 w a 168.16 this market is dangerous very dangerous here keep your cash and bullet dry for a clear move out of these caution ZONES.

FYI look for a potential 1.5 standard deviation call spread on PCLN for the week if the entire market moves down

I took one yesterday 1090-1095. Target 1055 to 1040 area.

10-3-2013 7-46-59 AM



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