Small Account Secrets 2021

Bonus: One Month Live Room with Full Pro Tools

  • From Super fast growth to safer account growth with real step by step Tips and Tricks that allowed me to increase different accounts from 10k to 42k, another from 28k to 121k in 2020 . Also this year hit the biggest home run of my career trading spy options from 62k to 686k on some incredible spy multiplier gambling trades… + These tips and Tricks will save you years of learning and figuring
  • Will discuss one of my small Crypto account that started with $1,100 in august 2019 to almost 12k in 2021 and why you should really pay attention to crypto as a diversification
  • Key Trifecta of income slow and steady account growth. Will go over passive income strategies for the busy people...or people who do not wish to stare at a screen more than 15-20mn per day
  • Step by step Key entry and Exits signals with key strategies with the pro tools and Double cloud tools as well as the logic to be able to use your own tools so you never second guess yourself.
  • Strategies To PROPERLY Defend Your Positions So Well… That’ll Actually Be Able To Walk Away From Your Computer, Without Stressing
  • BONUS 1: 4 Week Live Mastery Room & Trades Monday - Friday
  • BONUS 2: 4 Week Day Trading Zones Buy, Sell & Caution Zones For 11 Of The Hottest Stocks... AAPL, GOOGL, AMZN, ES, SPY, CL, ZB, NQ, TLT, YM + A Rotating Stock/Index (Currently NFLX)
  • BONUS 3 : Weekly Video Blueprint game plan each Sunday provided by 10pm est
  • Bonus 4: Four Weeks Access for Auto-Plot Tools & Free Integration With ThinkOrSwim / eSignal
Only $497 (Value Of $997!)